• Natty Pangolin Mobile App Development

    Natty Pangolin create and eliminate codes, until end up as a prefect code

    As a mobile application development company and mobility solution provider we will take care of entire development cycle from idea generation to App store implementation and business like support. We powerful believe in our agile development methodology to ensure App delivery is exactly matching with customer expectations.

    Website Development Company in Coimbatore.

    If you are looking for a Mobile application development company please fill the form besides or email to info@nattypangolin.com to explore our unique factors like

    • Pretty cost effective and flexible engagements
    • High quality and timely delivery
    • Agile Methodology – customer involvement in every stage
    • Flexible , customer oriented
    • Talented android application developers
    • Highly experienced Management

    Why do you choose us?

     Team of Skilful developers
     Soundly knowledge of frameworks and mobile technologies
     On – demand capacity to meet tight deadlines
     Quality oriented work process
     Timely delivery and value effective services
     Recognized for developing robust quality and high mobile apps

    Find our best offer knocking your email doors by filling the below form!
Find our best offer knocking your email doors by filling the below form!

Methodology @ Natty Pangolin!

  • Android App Development

    Natty Pangolin provides various categories of Mobile application development services .Natty Pangolin’s designers and developers to explore impossible Android SDK platform and utilize all high-end availability for Android through its technical set of development tools. Android SDK (Software Development Kit), Android Communication Apps, 3D graphics, Wi–Fi(Wireless Fidelity)Apps, OpenGL, Android Security Architecture and several other technologies that are required to develop the best-in-class Android applications.

    • Location based Apps. GPS and Maps integration apps.
    • Pedometer (measuring instrument for recording the number of steps taken in walking) integration. Track the mobile movements
    • NFC solutions
    • 2D and 3D games
    • Social network apps and integrations
    • Media integration – Music , pictures , videos
    • Touch screen integration
    • Large data management – Streaming and indexing
    • Apps suitable of Mobile devices and tabs independent of make
    • Augmented Reality Applications

    Android operating system is widely used due to its smart and rich applications. Android platform begin up with infinite opportunities to be creative and unique mobile apps as much you can seek the technical possibilities. Google enlarge its powerful capabilities to android which makes this as a planned platforms to many enterprises.

  • iPhone App Development

    Start producing iOS Apps Today is the perfect starting point for creating apps that run on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Our professional iPhone application developers are well equipped in iOS technological advancements. Natty team of developers stay updated with latest versions and newly launched devices of iOS including the tools you need and the major concepts and best practices that will ease your path . Using iPhone SDK our mobile app developers build custom iPhone apps as a part of our services.

    We are expert in iOS development and well planned in delivering best scalable iPad applications to the clients. By begin we have been prompt in exploring iPad apps with the best outcomes. We have powerful potential in building customized iPad apps for all domains that users love.

  • Windows App Development

    Present time professional windows mobile application developers are proficient in developing easy to use windows mobile applications. Worth in knowledge of visual studio IDE (integrated development environment), .Net compact framework, PHP and SQL server mobile creation, our developers deliver the best results..

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