Successful E-Commerce development is a demanding process. More and more business houses are implementing web sites providing functionality for performing commercial transactions in the web. It is reasonable to say that the process of shopping on the web is becoming commonplace.


Nearly all companies improve sales by offering customers a simple way to buy their product or service online. Search: E-commerce website design and development. Don’t be worry if you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of e commerce design. That’s our job! Natty will help you.

We have a list of questions you may be asking when considering implementing an online store:

Can you help me to market my ecommerce store? – Step 1

Building an e-commerce website is only the beginning. Advantage has an intimate knowledge of all forms of advertising. We realize the power of a well-constructed marketing plan and how online marketing expertise is vital to your success.

Online Marketing

Can you help me to estimate the success of my ecommerce website? – Step 2

Of course! As our name recommended, measuring crucial data is part of all thing we do. We know that your ecommerce website must act as be complete salesperson capable of producing an intended results. Metrics are major, the data does not lie. This provides an estimation for the value we provide.

How do you judge the quality of my ecommerce solution? – Step 3

E-commerce websites have many dimensions of quality including:

• An ecommerce website design that complements the brand and its factor, conveying your brand message and feeling
• Fancy of use and smoothness of the shopping experience


Ecommerce website development process

The most experienced and successful E-commerce companies are beginning to realize that key determinants of success or failure are not merely a web presence or low price but delivering on a high quality website. To get the desired quality of website software, it is essential to produce a framework and model that able to evaluation of a website’s quality. To establish quality factors in terms of attributes, in extension to their level of magnitude based on the opinion of highly-skilled professionals. The primary goals are recognizing, qualifying, categorizing and ranking these factors.

Natty Pangolin ecommerce Developers, build most robust and user friendly ecommerce stores. We also make hosting, which build us a one stop provider of all ecommerce services and solutions. If you’re developing an ecommerce website that will receive thousands of unique users every day, it needs to be built for majority. This often means hosting your website and database on separate servers. Also our easy to use API’s makes changes in the design and development easy and fast.

To build an online store for you, we first recognize the fit of the product for online sales. Then, we figure sure there is a marketing design to follow through with the exposure of the store. Follow all, what’s the point of an online store if no one knows about it?

Then we consult with you to determine specifications such as:

  • Product aspects. I.e.: How best to show product imagery and attributes
  •  Inventory/automation with other systems
  •  Payment and delivery options and integrations
  •  Fulfillment requirements

Once we know exactly what your site needs to concrete on, we can start to outline the flow of the shopping experience. This means analyzing and quantify how products are browsed and searched on the site, if the clients will have the ability to compare products to one another, whether or not they’ll be able to specific a product, and ultimately in what fashion the product is purchased.

Too the shopping experience and function outlined, we can start to layout design and creating site architecture. This is root to creating wire frames indicating what will go where as well as building an aesthetic that accurately represents the product and your brand. In this action we will produce high-res mock ups for your approval.

Once you’ve given us the official “OK” to create the ecommerce site, we can collect product data and personification, customer service information and data. Then, we implement the solution, watching your ROI with each and every purchase.