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Windows Application Development in Coimbatore

          NATTY PANGOLIN Windows apps are software applications that were designed for the Windows Mobile operating system. Your Windows Mobile app can be deployed on mobile devices if you get assistance from the right Windows application development specialists. Windows app development is important is that your customers may already favor using Windows applications such as the Office suites, the Internet Explorer browser, and even Microsoft One Note. Adding your new app to the mix means that it is in good company – you just need to make consumers aware why they should patronize your app as well. The right Windows application development programmer can make you a new app that should help consumers gain a better online experience than they are currently getting right now.

NATTY PANGOLIN makes your apps deployed on other mobile operating systems compatible with the Windows Mobile OS. This can cut your costs by a lot because you do not need to make a new app if your existing apps just need some tweaking and release into other mobile OS. Of course, it does mean you need a highly skilled app developer to make this feasible. Do contact us today so that we can assess your project requirements to see if it is viable and also to provide you with a competitive quote for our services.

NATTY PANGOLIN Windows application development services include:

  • Seamless data connectivity apps
  • Utility apps (Mobile Anti-virus, A-GPS/GPS apps)
  • Media enhancement apps (WMP plug-ins, image editors, accelerometer-based apps
  • Apps with rich API support (Bluetooth)
  • Pocket Outlook managers and enhancements for Microsoft Office Mobile
  • Task management enhancing apps and other productivity apps
  • Windows Mobile Games

Windows application features

  • Improved data connectivity
  • Enhanced security systems
  • Rich API support
  • Pocket Outlook Object Model
  • Improved Programming models
  • Seamless Multithreading

Benefits of Window Application Development

  • Ease of Simplicity
  • Performance features
  • Coding or language
  • Testing